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Keep up to date around what COVID-19 alert level changes mean for you and your business. Check out our announcements and FAQ's below.

Business Announcements

Thursday 27 August, 2020 - Trading under Level 2  in Auckland region

Dear Building Partner,

In anticipation of the shift back to Alert level 2 on Monday in Auckland, we wanted to quickly touch on the ways we’ll be operating to help service your business needs. 
Our handy printable COVID-19 FAQ’s at level 2  has all the details you need, but below is a quick summary for you:

  • You can enter the showroom, yard and bulk store areas in the branch again. 
  • Please sign-in or scan the QR code on arrival.
  • Measures will be in place to allow for 2m physical distancing at the counters when you pay for your goods.
  • Ordering in advance is still preferred via the Trade Portal, telesales, your Account Manager or local branch team.
  • Contactless collection for any pre-ordered materials will be available as well as our usual delivery services. 

Our teams will be available to give you a hand with anything you need and assist you in-store once again.

​​​​​If you have any particular requirements in regard to our team visiting your sites, please let us know in advance where possible. 
​​​​​​We look forward to continuing to partner with you whilst these measures remain in place to help keep us all safe.
For more details on our site operations, you can view our previous communications below. If you have any queries, please email CartersFeedback@carters.co.nz or visit our website.



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