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Trade Leader Archives

Previous Trade Leader publications available below.


June - July 2022

Trade Leader June key highlights

BIMSafe NZ – taking health and safety to another dimension

5 ways to keep young staff working hard

Apprentice of the Year for all ages

The battle to control inflation

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April - May 2022

Trade Leader April key highlights

5 ideas to stop your staff from leaving

Disposable respirators and COVID-19

Trend towards townhouses

Implications of sunset clauses

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Feb - March 2022

Trade Leader February key highlights

3 simple ways to free up your time

Proposed construction vaccination protocols

Building License cancellations

Building industry set up for a fall

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December 2021 - January 2022

Trade Leader December key highlights

Secure your site for Christmas

Uncertainty over Clean Car Feebate Scheme

Building for diversity

Report highlights sector trends

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October 2021

Trade Leader October key highlights

Failures in weather tightness

New COVID guidelines released

Stay safe working this summer

Estimating your time

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August 2021

Trade Leader August key highlights

Save lives with Life Shavers
The building supply crisis - new normal?
Are policies favouring new builds?
​​​​​​​Fix the fails that derail your business

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June 2021

Trade Leader June key highlights

Important times for apprenticeships
Build a plan to keep your business moving forward  
Suicide programme seeks support   
How to reduce building waste  
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April 2021

Trade Leader April key highlights

Changes to insulation requirements
COVID recovery and mortgage interest rates  
Why you need a shareholders agreement   
What to consider before you take on more staff  
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Feburary 2021

Trade Leader February key highlights

Report show future impact of COVID-19
House of the Year winners announced 
Managing Business Capacity  
Implications of low interest rates 
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December 2020

Trade Leader December key highlights

Apprentice of the Year 2020 national winners announced
What does the election mean for residental building
Protect yourself during summer 
The duties of directors

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October 2020

Trade Leader October key highlights

New building consent exemptions announced 
Details released on vocational education
Top regional apprentices for 2020 named
Xero integration with CARTERS Trade Portal 
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August 2020

Trade Leader August key highlights

Supporting your workers after COVID-19
New building consent exemptions 
Working safely in winter  
Shovel-ready projects put in perspective 

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June 2020

Trade Leader June key highlights

COVID-19; Where are we heading?
Assessing the evonomic impact on residentail construction
Health & Safety; How to manage the new regulations  
Building contracts under scrutiny

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April 2020

Trade Leader April key highlights

Mental health in the construction industry 
Smart living trends and innovations  
Handling timber weatherboards 
Get your building contracts details right

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February 2020

Trade Leader February key highlights

Health & Safety; preventing concrete burns 
Records of Work; the legal requirements 
How to find great new staff members
House of the Year winners announced 

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December 2019

Trade Leader December key highlights

Building law reforms - the changes are coming
New construction procurement guidelines
Legal: Protect yourself from the retentions regime
Managing health and safety when concontracting

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October 2019

Trade Leader October key highlights

Tackling construction and demolition waste
What is the cost of construction emissions?
How to price your jobs for profit
Registered Master Builders CARTERS 2019 Apprentice of the Year: Regional Winners

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August 2019

Trade Leader August key highlights

Building code updates released
Your responsibility as LBP
Navigating a break in your career
Is your business ready to franchise
Low heights to create their own fall risk

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June 2019

Trade Leader June key highlights

Accord reinforces industry partnership with Government
What are your responsibilities under a labour-only contract?
New products create new compliance challenges
How does migration affect housing demand?
Five keys to winning jobs

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April 2019

Trade Leader April key highlights

Vocational Educational Training: What’s the direction from here?
License suspensions – it’s YOUR choice!
Quantity surveying and the LBP scheme
The implications and future of Kiwibuild
How to avoid cashflow mistakes
Legal requirements of a clean site

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February 2019

Trade Leader February key highlights

Economics – the downward trend and how it’s affecting the industry
Taxes – what we can look forward from outcome of Tax Working Group
Kiwisaver – free money! Potential 50% return on first investment
Showcasing the best of New Zealanders and the outstanding quality of construction

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December 2018 - Jan 2019

Trade Leader December - Janurary key highlights

We investigate BIM and how it impacts the way we build
What’s the current state of the LBP scheme?
Ensuring sustainably harvested tropical timber
Enforcing a decision under the Construction Contracts Act
Selection prices key to affordable housing
Christchurch apprentice wins AOY title

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November 2018

Trade Leader November key highlights

Stay cool and safe this summer
Best practice: Top plate connections
How to manage your client base
Let’s talk professional indemnity insurance
Threats and opportunities of KiwiBuild
Quantity surveying for residential builds

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October 2018

Trade Leader October key highlights

Industry collaboration key to meeting demand
Kiwibuild looks to offsite manufacturing
Apprentice of the Year regional winners announced
Hitachi rebrands to HiKOKI and launches new products
Lead contractor guidelines launched

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September 2018

Trade Leader September key highlights

Construction pipeline report predicts growth
Can you insure your construction risk?
Surviving a cost blowout
The low-down on safety gear
Are business surveys accurate?
New LBP Handbook released

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August 2018

Trade Leader August key highlights

The government strategy to help with labour shortage
Key Kiwibuild pointers
Your options for hiring staff
Health & Safety and starting a business
What are ‘enforceable undertakings’
Legal: Employment law

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July 2018

Trade Leader July key highlights

LBP scheme evaluation report due
MBIE determinations: Is it a structure or a vehicle?
Technical: Saddle flashings and screw-type anchors
Avoid slips and falls on site
Business: Death and taxes
Making insurance claims easier

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June 2018

Trade Leader June key highlights

The importance of quality work
Asbestos: the new requirements
Keep your cash flowing
7 tips to site safety
Will immigration affect housing?

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May 2018

Trade Leader May key highlights

Hard facts about hard hats
Building system performance update
Changes following earthquake investigation
LBP: Timber framing and foundation pointers
Smoke alarms in rental properties
Section prices affecting building levels

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April 2018

Trade Leader April key highlights

Be aware of blindspots on-site
Who’s responsible for repairs on your rental?
Are you getting the best from ACC?
What to do when a customer complains
The growth of women in construction

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March 2018

Trade Leader March key highlights

LBP: Designers’ responsibilities
Busting myths around ladder safety
Is your rental’s insulation up to standard?
Global markets and residential building trends
The trail left by cash jobs
What are liquidated damages?

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February 2018

Trade Leader February key highlights

LBP: Know your responsibilities
Records of Work obligations
Stay safe through summer
Should insurance be compulsory?
Fees free scheme to benefit industry
New Product: Hitachi advanced 18V gasless nailer

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