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              Get Mates Rates

Using your Mates Rates Card, you get a discount off the normal retail price on a wide range of products at CARTERS.

To apply, fill in the form below, or visit us in store.
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Mates Rates Form

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CARTERS Mates Rates Card Terms and Conditions:

  • This card is not valid until the person to whom this card was issued (the cardholder) has signed the signature panel on the card.
  • The cardholder is the only person who is entitled to receive benefits and discounts made available by this card. No other person is authorised to use this card.
  • The card entitles the authorised cardholder to a discount off purchases at CARTERS Stores throughout New Zealand when paying by cash, credit card or eftpos at the time of purchase.
  • Discounts do not apply to promotional items, manufactured goods, and a small range of non-discountable products.
  • The card must be presented every time a purchase is made in order to entitle the cardholder to benefits of the card. Proof of ID may be required.
  • The card is the property of the issuer and must be returned on request.
  • The benefits and discounts made available by this card may be revoked by the issuer at any time.
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