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Standing up NZ homes with specialist frame and truss manufacture 

We’re one of New Zealand’s largest pre-nail frame and truss manufacturers and with 9 manufacturing plants across the country, you can trust CARTERS to support your build.

Backed by state of the art manufacturing equipment, your build is sure to stand the test of time and with our end-to-end service, it means we’ll take care of all the details.

It’s all in the detail. We build your frames and trusses as specified: we aim to get it right every time. 

Our manufacturing line is facilitated by a digital tool that produces a colour coded digital plan to build to. The result is a frame and truss built accurately to specification.

Key frame and truss features:

•  Supply in renewable resource timbers
•  Pine
•  Douglas Fir
•  LVL
•  Dedicated Frame & Truss Estimating team
•  Dedicated Frame & Truss Consent/Detailing team
•  Truss consent service includes lintel design
•  Onsite deliveries with Hiab trucks
•  Wrapped frame stacks

•  Tyvek site plans for all weather conditions
•  Trusses marked to indicate positioning
•  HIANDRI fitted on request
•  DPC fitted on request
•  Courtesy cuts for door openings
•  Plate marking to indicate frame placement
•  Normal frame supply uses superior hy90 LVL lintels
•  Colour coded plans provided to assist build order on-site

Technologically advanced

Our trained teams use the latest technology to deliver consistent quality every time. These technologies include: 
•    CAD-CAM computer software programme for engineering, detailing and design 
•    Computerised tracking process for daily progress reports
•    Computerised saws
•    State-of-the-art nailing machines and truss manufacturing equipment 

Delivered to your schedule 

We’re committed to delivering your F&T when and where you need it to ensure your site is running efficiently. If your build is delayed, let your Account Manager know – we can be flexible and make a plan to get your delivery to you when you need it.

Committed to quality 

All CARTERS Frames and Trusses are manufactured in accordance with the NZS3604:2011 TImber Framed Buildings and consented plans and specifications. Our proven process and use of only high quality, kiln-dried and machine stress-graded timber, such as engineered wood products/LVL lintels means you can have confidence in your order.

Producer statements 

All work is supplied with a Buildable Truss Layout and Buildable Producer Statement, along with an ‘As Built’ producer statement for the trusses and a Manufacturing Statement for the frames. 

Specialty commercial and residential 

We have dedicated specialists and equipment suited to building commercial and residential frames, so you know they’re manufactured to spec every time. We’ve got in-house capability to deliver non-standard jobs too.

Innovative Brant Joint®.

Our patented Brant Joint® prevents bowing at the ends of frame studs caused by swelling from moisture. 

Optional HIANDRI

CARTERS can offer the option to fit HIANDRI’s to your frames, which is a plastic packer/spacer fixed to the bottom plates of our manufactured wall frames.  This is an optional extra you can request - its purpose is to keep the bottom plate out of water and puddles if you get caught with wet weather onsite. 

CARTERS Innovations

We’re not just about frame and truss, we’re about building solutions. From timber composite concrete floors, flooring cassettes, posi-struts Barrier Ply lined frames are just some of the added extras we have developed because of customer requirements.  

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