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Our sustainable and environmental business practices

Striving to deliver on our values and grow through innovation, adaptability and service to provide the best products for our customers. 


CARTERS are going green-er and looking at ways to support you with environmentally and sustainable initiatives to minimise construction waste on site. 

Climate change is having an impact on ways of working, and how business is being done both here in New Zealand and around the world. As businesses within the construction sector and our government respond to these changes, we’re sharing our ESG report covering environmental and sustainability initiatives from the Carter Holt Harvey Group to provide our building partners with information on what we’re doing now, and into the future. 

CARTERS Building Supplies is the distribution arm of the wider Carter Holt Harvey Group, consisting of timber, plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) manufacturing businesses together with distribution. 

As part of our responsible business practises, Carter Holt Harvey decided in 2020 to develop a new Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting programme. Below you can read a copy of the first report. We’ve focused on setting out what our stakeholders identified as material ESG issues, how we manage, or plan to manage those issues, and key environmental indicators.

In the future, we aim to celebrate our ESG achievements and will also acknowledge those areas where we need to improve. Understanding where and how we need to dedicate more effort will keep us on a path of steady improvement that will further strengthen our business in the years to come.

Download a copy of the report here